A Strategic Housing Development (SHD) Application

As submitted to An Bord Pleanála on behalf of BEO Properties Limited.

We, Beo Properties Limited, intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development at this site (c.14.166 ha), on existing agricultural lands located immediately to the south of the existing built area of Ratoath in County Meath. The site is generally bound to the north by Glascarn Lane, the rear of houses at Glascarn Lane, further existing residential dwellings and a permitted strategic housing development (Reg Ref: TA17/305196); to the east and south by existing agricultural fields and by Glascarn Lane; and to the west by Fairyhouse Road (R155), the rear of houses at Fairyhouse Road, the Carraig Na Gabhna and Cairn Court developments, and existing agricultural fields. The subject site is located on lands within the following town lands (in part): Legagunia, Commons, Jamestown, Glascarn and Newtown.

The development will principally consist of the construction of 452 no. residential units which are located in 12 neighbourhoods. Building heights ranging from 2-3 storey terraced houses and 3-4- storey duplex buildings (1 storey ground floor units and 2 storey first and second floor units; 2 storey ground and first floor units and 2 storey second and third floor units) and 6-storey apartment blocks. Private open space associated with the residential units is provided in the form of rear gardens, balconies, terraces and winter gardens. The development includes a crèche with associated outdoor play areas at ground floor and at roof level; 4 no. commercial/retail units; a landscaped public open space which includes a civic plaza; communal open space in the form of communal courtyards for each neighbourhood; associated car and cycle parking serving the full development and uses therein; solar PV panels; a second phase of the Ratoath Outer Relief Road (RORR), that will run along the southern boundary of the application site join up to the existing constructed section of the RORR, with two priority controlled junctions; a series of pedestrian and cycle connections from the Fairyhouse Road (R155), Cairn Court, Glascarn Lane and the new RORR; internal road and shared surface networks including pedestrian and cycle paths; public lighting and all associated site development and infrastructural works, services provision, ESB substations, foul and surface water drainage, extension to the foul network, access roads/footpaths, lighting, landscaping and boundary treatment works and all ancillary works necessary to facilitate the development.

The documents displayed on this website are identical to the application documents submitted to An Bord PleanálaMeath County Council and the Prescribed Bodies. These documents will be available to inspect on this website from the date that the application is lodged with An Bord Pleanála up until 8 weeks after the Board has issued its decision on this application. This is in accordance with Section 301(3) of the Planning and Development (Strategic Housing Development) Regulations 2017.

(Please refer to statutory notices for full description of the proposed development)